Eat. Drink. Vegan. HAUL.

eat drink vegan 2018

Eat Drink Vegan is the 'Coachella' for vegans and all animal lovers. I left that event feeling like a true winner with all of the goodies I took home with me. I tasted so much food & drank a lot of kombucha and beer. hehe. My best friend bought us tickets for us back in March as my birthday present. I had been excited about this event for months, and it was everything I imagined and more.

There were so many vendors, I knew I wouldn't have been able to taste everything. Lots of cold brew, food, kombucha, food, beer, food, and more food. I skipped a big breakfast that morning to ensure I had enough space in my stomach to eat as much food as possible. I am not sure if that helped at all since most of the food served was more than bite-sized. Michael (best friend) and I strategized on how to tackle this event. If we have eaten there before then we'd skip it. The main goal was to try foods from vendors that we either have never seen or could not eat because they were from a different city. It was a good strategy, and it worked well for us. We tasted vegan sushi, an awesome UFO ice cream sandwich, and others but below are my favorite dishes from that day. 

Top 2 Favorite Foods I Ate at Eat Drink Vegan

eat drink vegan 2018
eat drink vegan 2018

Mama's International Tamales

Mama's is located here in Los Angeles, CA. Thank goodness for that since I never get to eat tamales as anymore. Tamales are a big staple in my culture and not being able to eat them as I traditionally would have has been unfortunate for me. But Mama's tamales are delicious and now that I have discovered them at Eat Drink Vegan, I am definitely going to visit for more. 

Eat Drink Vegan 2018

Cycle Dogs from Seattle, WA

The elote dog from Cycle Dogs was absolutely delicious. Cycle Dogs' idea of incorporating a food favorite, elote, on top of a hot dog was genius. Though I wished my elote dog had more chili on top, I still walked away with a happy stomach.

eat drink vegan 2018

Eat. Drink. Vegan. HAUL!

I walked away with a lot of great stuff that day & thankfully not too much. I honestly thought I was going to purchase a bunch of shirts rooting for veganism. I did buy an awesome Star Wars influenced t-shirt & other worthy gems. But below I am listing my absolute favorite products from that day. 

let thy food // chile con queso // hatch valley quest

Let Thy Food from Colorado

These quesos are bombshells! We went home with two different flavors of queso because it was just that tasty. I went on home to look at their website and saw that they have more products. My shopping cart is about to get full because I am obsessed with their products. 


Arsayo from Paris, France 

The Arsayo backpack is made from 100% vegan leather and comes in various colors and three sizes. A beautiful vegan leather backpack caught my eye, but what won me over was the security. The two zippers lock in the back, making it difficult for any thieves to get into the bag. I bought mine in the smallest size and the color camel. 

sunwarrior protein // eat drink vegan

Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein

The representatives for Sunwarrior sampled their protein mixed with water. I tasted their chocolate and vanilla flavored protein. They were both honestly so delicious for protein. I walked away with the vanilla flavored protein because I know it's more versatile. If I am craving chocolate, I can always add raw cacao powder.  

eat drink vegan 2018