What's In My Bag: 6 Essentials for Eat Drink Vegan

what's in my bag

Who is ready for Eat Drink Vegan? It is just around the corner, and I am already ready for it. I am so excited for this event! This is my first year attending Eat Drink Vegan, and the lineup for vendors at the event is so long. There will be over 100 vendors! The event grows larger and larger every year!

The general admission entrance opens at 2 pm where I will receive a 4oz tasting glass for unlimited pours of cold brew, kombucha, wine, craft beer, soda, and teas. I am probably not going to eat lunch on Saturday or else I won't be able to fill my stomach with as much food or drink as possible. I know myself, I am going to want to try everything. 

I suspect that I will be on my feet for most of the event, so I thought about how I am going to last in the sun for a long period of time. Besides shoes with good soles, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, and my wallet, I began thinking about what to bring to Eat Drink Vegan so that I don't miss out on anything. Here are my six essentials that I need in my backpack so that I can have the best time. 

6 essentials for Eat Drink Vegan

First, take a backpack, not a purse. 

Purses are cute and add style to my outfit of the day, but they most likely won't carry my essentials for Eat Drink Vegan comfortably. My tiny backpack is small, versatile, comfortable on my back, and black so it goes with whatever outfit I choose to wear that day. Most importantly, it can carry all of my essentials I need for Eat Drink Vegan and more

1st Essential: My GoPro HERO5 Black

I am going to Eat Drink Vegan with my best friend, and I want to document our time together. Though my phone is just as capable as my GoPro to take videos, the battery life on it needs to stay alive in case of emergencies. I always choose my GoPro over other filming cameras for events because it is small, lightweight, and durable. I don't have to worry about it being knocked around. 

2nd Essential: One Reusable Container

Taking one reusable container, such as Tupperware, in my backpack is an absolute MUST. A reusable container gives me the flexibility in taking food home with me in case I get too full at the event. It prevents waste, promotes a sustainable lifestyle, and keeps my food fresh until I am ready to eat it. 

3rd Essential: One Reusable Bag 

I am taking a reusable bag that can be folded into itself to save space inside my backpack. Taking a reusable bag to Eat Drink Vegan is essential because the event is going to have more than just food. My reusable bag is ready to go in case I buy some products from the Green Saturday Vegan Marketplace. A reusable bag also prevents waste and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. 

4th Essential: Sunglasses

I am attached to my sunglasses. I love the way the sun feels on my skin, but I don't enjoy it when it blinds me. I walk with my sunglasses on everywhere. I always wear them and rarely take them off when I am out and about. 

5th Essential: Chapstick 

I don't know about everyone else but my lips feel much better with chapstick on even if my lips aren't chapped. Especially during events like Eat Drink Vegan, I would rather reapply my chapstick instead of having to worry about my lip color still present on my lips or smearing it by accident. If you want to keep color on your lips, try a tinted chapstick. Make sure it's vegan!

6th: My Pyrite Crystal 

First of all, my pyrite crystal is actually just quite beautiful. Lately, I have been getting interested in crystal healing since my anxiety has been acting up. I came across pyrite and was informed that its properties promote stimulation in creativity and increases mental clarity. Pyrite can also be like a protective stone that can deflect anything harmful. I am taking my pyrite with me to Eat Drink Vegan to maintain a strong energy at an event where I will always be on my feet and to keep me from harm's way.

what's in my bag
what's in my bag

Leave a comment down below if you are attending Eat Drink Vegan. What are the essentials in your bag for the event?