My Favorite Breakfast at Kitchen Mouse

*This is not a sponsored post. *

Highland Park is becoming a hot spot in Los Angeles. The vegan scene is growing and is so far incredible. Kitchen Mouse, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Highland Park, is providing tasty brunch food to the table. They also cater! Kitchen Mouse does offer eggs with their meals, which makes them a vegetarian restaurant. However, the rest of the items on their menu are 100% vegan. Just opt out of the eggs and we shall have ourselves a vegan brunch. 

I learned about Kitchen Mouse from one of my coworkers many months ago. She raved about the restaurant, and I finally found the time to visit. We took my furry little best friend, so we had to sit outside. But that's fine with me because vegan and pet-friendly restaurants are on the top of my 'must-visit' list. 

(Below are the dishes we enjoyed that morning.)

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Mikey's Chilaquiles

add tofu scramble + $4

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Buffalo Bowl

sub. rice & beans for Mac 'n' Cheese + $2

Two of us ate Mikey’s Chilaquiles, and the other had the Buffalo Bowl. We drank unsweetened iced black tea, black coffee, and an iced matcha latte with soy milk. The enchilada sauce was tasty, the tortilla chips were maintained crunchiness and did not become soggy, the house vegan queso was so good, and avocados are a great topping for any meal. I added the tofu scramble, and that was delicious. It has strong flavors of mustard and dill which I love. At first I was not into the cilantro cream on top of the chilaquiles but they definitely grew one me. I like the slaw by itself but it seemed out of place for the dish. Though that is probably because I am not used to having slaw with my chilaquiles in the first place. 

I took a bite (okay maybe a couple of bites) of the Buffalo Bowl. Oh goodness, that mac 'n' cheese was so good. NOTE: It normally comes with rice and beans but we had it substituted for the mac 'n' cheese. I was a little concerned at first that the texture of the dish was going to be too much on the softer side but it was so tasty that it wasn’t an issue for me. The greens are flavored nicely. Their buffalo sauce and mac 'n' cheese paired together beautifully. The sauce from the mac 'n' cheese balanced out the bitterness in the buffalo sauce. The yams on top added just the right amount of sweetness.

When it comes to eating Sunday brunch, I think of Kitchen Mouse. The menu is perfect tasty brunch food. Beware, passing by this restaurant via car I have seen it be pretty busy. I ate at the restaurant for brunch on a Tuesday, and we were able to find a seat immediately. If you decide to eat here, and the line is pretty long, take it to go or find the patience to wait for a seat because it is worth it. 

Price Range: $10-$30

5904 N Figuerora St. 

Highland Park, CA 90042