My Los Angeles Summer Bucket List 2019

los angeles summer bucket list
  1. Take a class at Soul Cycle: I have such a busy schedule that I don’t get to plan times for working out. But I have heard such great things about people’s fun experiences that I am convinced, I want to start that journey. 

  2. Hike the Santa Monica Mountains with my dog: Summertime is one of my favorite seasons with my dog because he loves warmer weather over the cold. He’s tiny but we love hiking & we have yet to hike at the Santa Monica Mountains. 

  3. Have a drink at a rooftop bar: This just sounds like a great time. LA twilight views, nice weather, and drinks? Perfect combo. 

  4. Visit the beach at least twice: Even though I live in Los Angeles, I am rarely at the beach. I even work about three miles away from the beach but still can’t find time or a reason to visit. I am easily discouraged dealing with trying to find parking or how busy the beach can get. But this summertime around I am ready for a nice tan. 

  5. Go on the Malibu Wine Safaris: Wine, giraffe, and beautiful views of Malibu? Say no more. 

thoughtful sage / summer bucket list
  1. Practice my photography & become a freelancer: I have been interested in photography since high school. I have taken few classes but can pretty much figure out a camera with practice & youtube (lol). I am just barely now deciding to take my art a little more seriously, & we all deserve to do that for ourselves. 

  2. Plan & secure a trip to Seattle, WA: I have talked about visiting Seattle for over a year. I want to put my talk into action. There is no better time than now… or I’ll never do it. 

  3. Walk around Silverlake Reservoir at least once a week: I did this last summer with my dog about every two weeks. It was a great morning exercise & bonding for us because the reservoir wraps around for about two miles. This summer I want to keep up the tradition but by going once a week.

  4. Eat at new vegan restaurants: I did a lot of exploring last year of the vegan restaurants here in Los Angeles. And for the past year, I have pretty much just stuck to dining out at those. I want to discover more this summer season, especially ones that are also dog friendly.  

  5. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market: It’s probably one of the biggest flea markets around, & it’s only held every second Sunday of the month.