Green Valentine's Day Gift for Your Love


Finding a Valentine's Day gift can be such a daunting task for both men and women. I feel that giving heart-shaped chocolates and mylar balloons or roses and teddy bears are such common gifts. This year let’s think outside of the heart-shaped box of chocolates and give our significant others some beautiful plants.

Plants are great Valentine's Gifts. 

There is always a place for a plant in the home or office. Take a look at the rooms of their home and see which could use a beautiful plant. Plants are decorative pieces with function. Not only will a plant brighten up a room with its vibrant green colors but they help keep the air clean. There can be so many pollutants trapped inside the home and plants can help purify them. Therefore, the thoughtfulness of a plant for a gift is pretty caring about the person's health. 

Each plant has its own purpose.

If you don't know what type of plant to get for your love, there are so many options out there with specific qualities. Some plants are suited best for the humid bathroom environment and some prefer to be in rooms with less moisture in the air. When visiting a nursery to purchase a plant, ask an employee for advice on which plant would fit best for what you are looking for. 

Flowers don't have to be in a bouquet. 

If you really want to give your Valentine flowers, consider giving flowers potted instead of a bouquet. Flowers still in the dirt will last a lot longer than flowers pulled out of it. They can be left in a room and will last longer than in a vase. Potted flowers or plants can still be dressed as nicely as bouquets. I have seen some beautiful pots, or you can consider getting your love a plant that hangs. The options are endless and choosing to purchase a plant as a Valentine's gift provides an opportunity to choose a plant more specific and unique to your love's taste. 

Kokedama is my favorite plant Valentine’s day gift. These are plants on top of a ball of soil that is covered with moss, also known as a Japanese moss ball. This kokedama came with a little sign that said: "aloe-ways love you." I purchased the lovely Kokedama from They had so many different types of plants, it was very cool. Your Valentine can choose to leave the Kokedema on a plate or even hang it from the ceiling. 

 *This is not a sponsored post.*