Raw Diet for Dogs


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My family always believed that a kibble diet is exactly what dogs need. Veterinarians even tell us that kibble is the right nutrition for our pets. It seemed normal to go buy ‘dog food’ for the dog, & that food so happened to be kibble. Dogs eat kibble, right? We force our pets to eat dry food. Once I learned that kibble is unnatural and unhealthy for our furry babies, my mentality changed quickly and so did Nico’s diet.

Raw Dog Food

Why is kibble bad for your dog? 

Imagine eating chicken nuggets for every meal for the rest of your life? It’s a bunch of weird breaded meat. Completely unhealthy and pretty boring too. That's what kibble is like for dogs. Kibble can be a blend of meat meal, some fruits or vegetables, and fillers like corn. It's mixed together and cooked twice in very high heat. High heat cooking means zero nutrition left for your pup. The heat burns the vitamins and nutrients goodbye.

What is a raw diet?

A raw diet provides your dog a biological appropriate diet as the best source of nutrition. Dogs share about 98% of their genetic makeup to wolves. Phenotypes, observable characteristics, are what differentiate dogs from wolves. Do wolves hunt for kibble in the wild? If dogs were hungry and living in the wild, would they be hunting for kibble? No, they wouldn’t. Raw diets consist of meat, organs, and bones uncooked. The diet may also include raw vegetables and fruits.  

Benefits of a raw diet: 

  • Less stinky/big poops which means absorption of nutrients

  • Healthier immune system 

  • Shinier coat and healthier skin 

  • Reduced allergy symptoms 

  • Higher energy 

But don’t go to your local grocery store or butcher and start feeding your dog some raw meat. Meat sold for human consumption is not as clean as raw meat sold as dog food. Why is that? It’s assumed that meat at the grocery store will be taken home and cooked at high heats, therefore, killing any leftover harmful bacteria. When you purchase raw dog food, depending on the company, tests will be used to ensure no harmful bacteria is inside the bag because they know the meat needs to remain raw and the owners will be handling it.

Still not convinced? Go on Netflix & watch a documentary called “Pet Fooled.” This post is not sponsored by them but the documentary is life changing.