Top 5: Locations to Keep Your Reusable Tote

reusable tote bag

I believe that everyone has a reusable bag by now. It's remembering to use the reusable tote that can be difficult. The first step in purchasing reusable bags to ditch the plastic ones that harm our environment is the easiest. Next step is to actually utilize them and not forget them at home. Reusable bags are useful for any occasion: grocery shopping, at the farmer's market, at the mall, dining out.  Sometimes shopping is planned, and other times it can be spontaneous. Keeping a reusable tote bag in these five locations will help you remember your tote at all times for all occasions. 

reusable tote bags

1. At the Front Door

This is the best place to leave a reusable tote. As you walk out the door, you'll see your reusable tote hanging there reminding you to think eco-friendly.

2. In the Trunk of Your Car

Keeping a reusable tote in the trunk of my car is perfect for spontaneous trips. Sometimes I decide that I need to go to the grocery store, and if I have a large purchase, my extra backup tote bag is ready to go. 

reusable tote bags

3. In Your Purse/Pocket

Some reusable tote bags can be folded into a smaller form. These types of reusable bags are perfect to leave in your everyday bag or pockets. Perfect for casual shopping. 

4. Hanging in Your Car

I like keeping a reusable bag hanging from the gear shift of my car. It reminds me about the extra tote in my trunk, and it has me super prepared with three reusable bags just in case. No excuse for grocery/retail store plastic bags. 

reusable tote bags

5. Stored in a Box by the Front Door or in Your Car

This option is for the large families. If most of your shopping is always in bulk then maybe reusable bags in different locations is not the best choice. Keeping your bags altogether in a location where you can see it as you walk out the door, or in your car, will have your shopping breezy and eco-friendly. I still suggest carrying one reusable tote with you at all times in your purse or pocket just in case you might shop alone. 

reusable tote bags

It is so important to remember to use your reusable tote. The contribution you make by not purchasing plastic bags shows that you care for the environment, and it will save you money in the long run. Plus reusable totes are more durable than plastic bags. If the plastic bags are somehow still free of charge at your local grocery store, make the eco-friendly choice by saying no and flash your reusable bag. 

Where do you like to keep your reusable tote?

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