Vegan Street Fair 2018

*This is not a sponsored post.*

The Vegan Street Fair occurred on March 25, 2018, in Los Angeles. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. The weather was warm with beautiful blue skies and big white clouds. But oh my goodness was this event CROWDED. I feel like there were over 2,000 people that attended. Though this made lines an average of a thirty-minute wait, I am so happy to see so many people in Los Angeles exploring vegan food. This was my first experience at a large food vendors event. I believe there were about 300 vendors. It was pretty difficult for me to decide what to eat because of the overwhelming amount of food present. But I had already eaten a couple of the vendors' food before at other events so I decided to try new foods at the Vegan Street Fair. 

Long lines prevented me from trying tons of food, but out of the 300 vendors at VSF I had enough time to try four: Bling Bling Dumpling, Plant Alchemy, Bolivian Vegan Pies, and These Wingz.

  • Bling Bling Dumpling is located in Los Angeles. I had their dumplings that are filled with mushrooms, so delicious.

  • From Plant Alchemy, located in Huntington Beach, I had the red curry nachos. Nachos are one of my favorite dishes that I can never get tired of. Plant Alchemy gave nachos an Asian twist, and I was all for it. They tasted so good.

  • These Wingz came all the way from Chicago, Illinois. Everybody was in line for these vegan wings, and that made the wait time about one hour. It was worth it. Most vegan wings are made with cauliflower and don't provide the same experience to eating regular chicken wings. But their wings were thicker than cauliflower and chewier like chicken wings. Very tasty and very much worth the hour wait. These Wingz, please come back to Los Angeles.

My favorite dish of the day was the vegan Bolivian pies (pictured below). These pies had the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Served warm, every bite had the right amount of pastry and filling. Topped with some of that green chili to make it perfect.

Vegan Bolivian Pies
Vegan Bolivian Pies.2

One of my favorite purchases was this super cute baby blue hat with "Papa, Soy Vegana" written on it. VSF not only had tons of food to eat, but they even had many retailers showcasing their awesome products promoting veganism. I personally do not like wearing shirts or sweaters that have any print or writing on them. For that reason, this hat was the perfect purchase for me to proudly say I'm vegan. Plus, it's baby blue, and that's one of my favorite colors.

I had a great time at the Vegan Street Fair. If you went to the Vegan Street Fair and ate some delicious food that I did not get to taste test, please leave a comment below of the foods you tried. 

Papi Soy Vegana